Beyond being a graphic designer, I am also a videographer specialized in filming and editing cultural and travel videos.
It all started in 2012 when I came back from a roadtrip accross Switzerland and decided to edit a short film as a souvenir...
0Today, I’am glad that my enthusiasm for moving images as well as my curiosity for urban and contemporary art led me to
make videos for belgian/international contemporary artists including Steven Harrington, Hell'o collective, KRJST, Oli-B,
Steve Locatelli, ROA, Zdey, Denis Meyers as well as for several museums and galleries like Mima (Brussels, Belgium), C.O.A
(Montreal, Canada), Macadam (Brussels, Belgium) or Keteleer (Antwerp, Belgium). I also had to pleasure to work for the
Embassy of Belgium, coworking spaces sollutions Silversquare and social media influencers and
Live From Copenhagen.

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